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Friday, December 16, 2005

MSM Responsibility

Reader: I have a question Mark. It may not seem to have any relevance to today but it does as you will see.

What do you think about the MSM broadcasting and publishing images of the blood, gore, death and destruction perpetrated by and against US Forces in Vietnam during the war? After thinking about that and the results that occurred as a result of that broadcasting and publishing, do you believe the media did the right thing?

I know this question was intended for Mark, but with his permission, I would like to answer...

Dear Reader,
What the MSM did then is just as wrong as it is now. In my opinion they are (consciously or unconsciously) having a similar effect and furthering a similar agenda today. It goes along with (assuming the MSM is liberally biased) a liberal NEED to micromanage. You see it every day in liberal policies. You can't possibly take care of yourself, so we will impose healthcare on all of you, even if you don’t want it...It's not good enough to tell you about danger, we must "evacuate" you from it...etc...et al.

When it comes to war, let the warriors do their job, they know what they are doing. Sit back and enjoy the benefits, they are given freely. But don't, above all else, try to tell them how to do their job. They are very well trained, and don't require outside input. It is the policy maker's job to set the policy, and the public's job to scrutinize that policy, but neither is qualified to carry it out as it applies to war (or defense).

Nothing is worse, from a warrior's point of view, than being told what to do by people who do not know either all of the information, or how to apply it, or both. It’s like that annoying guy in the office that works in say accounting, that comes to your office to tell you, you need to use woodworking tools, when you're a welder, because it will cost less. It just doesn't make sense.

This current political push to TELL the military how to be military, and to tell them how best to do THEIR job best, is absolutely ridiculous, as is the associated public relations campaign to tell the American people how bad things are going, especially given that it is absolutely not true.

While the MSM may believe that they are trying to bring the truth to people, their own bias prevents that from happening. It may be appear to be artistic or even humanitarian, to cover the blood and guts, and the ugliness of war. It is however, unconscionable to do so in order to undermine the efforts of your own military. The same military, I may remind you, which provides your RIGHT to a free press.

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