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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Looking Back and Forth, My First Prediction...

There were allot of big stories this year, or at least stories we made a big deal over. There is one shadow story however that I think will be of great significance. So here is both my big story of the year and my prediction.

The Independents became vocal this year. Several factions of what can only be deemed as moderates, or centrists, have begun to become very agitated with the polarization of the current ruling parties, and have in fact begun to sway the moderates of both parties, and in some occasions are forming their own parties. I predict that 2006 will see the seeds being sewn for a new third party in the U.S. (If not a true emergence) as the majority of Americans get fed up with the catfights and dirty politics that hold both our freedoms and our security hostage, all for political advantage. That is of course if neither of the current parties pulls their head out… More to come.

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