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Friday, November 25, 2005

Matthew: An Introdution Post

Over the past few days I am sure you noticed that there are a few changes that have occurred here at Liberty Just in Case. Mark has taken on a partner. All or at least most of you here who have been regular readers, are probably very familiar with me, you just don’t know it yet.

First of all, I would like to thank Mark for allowing me to muscle in a little on his space. I know that he has had the house to himself for a while and I appreciate him allowing me this opportunity. Thank You Mark.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a thirteen year veteran of the United States Air Force. I have during my career participated in the final blows of the Cold War, participated in operations in support of the larger War on Drugs, as well as serving extensively in the current Global War on Terror. I have served alongside Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Airmen both within the United States and Abroad. I bring to this blog an insiders view of the military and its inner workings as well as a common military man’s perspective of the world.

I am a Christian, Catholic by upbringing, but Unity by choice. I have a deep relationship with God, and have felt his presence my entire life. Churches however, being run by humans, are imperfect, so I have become very picky about the ones I attend. Rather than be Jaded, I simply found deeper meaning in the bible, and endeavored to learn as much as I could about the religions of the world. That is a journey I am still on.

As Mark mentioned I am politically Conservative, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. I often feel that the stalwart conservatives are out of control and have no foundation in reality. I am what is being called a New Independent Conservative. What does that mean, well it means I don’t subscribe to the GOP party line, even if I do often agree with them. I don’t believe that people are either Democrat OR Republican, and it irritates me that we don’t have more viable options within our political system. I also believe that the most effective change happens from within the system. The highest of political art forms is to use the system that is established to effect the change that you need. It can and will be done. But don’t worry, I won’t rock the boat here too much, after all I am still a conservative.

Why did I join LJiC? Oh man, that ones simple. LJiC is the only blog during my entire history of blogging and blog reading that I have read nearly every day. Mark, I have found, is thorough, and I often find him making my case better than I can on several issues, and yes, occasionally we do disagree. Also my other projects and endeavors have turned a corner, so consequently I have much less time to blog than I did before. Having known Mark for a while I knew he was having some similar circumstances, and we both though it would be beneficial to partner up, and make one blog really good rather than have both of our blogs suffer due to neglect.

What will I bring to LJiC? I will bring a slightly different perspective (I hope), a slightly different writing style, and some additional technical expertise. You will also see a few format changes around here as I mark my territory (just kidding Mark), hopefully all for the better.

Have you figured out who I am yet?


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